Why is iPhone Blacklisted?

There are some questions asked by iPhone users and people who wish to purchase factory unlock for iPhone but are afraid to get the wrong device. Why is iPhone blacklisted? What can happen to the gadget which has a barred IMEI number? Are you interested to get the answers? Continue reading, and you will find out why Apple blocks its handsets and how you should react to this policy.

It is hard to imagine modern people without a smartphone in their hands. More and more customers prefer to communicate via expensive devices. They spend bunch of money on handsets, and get smartphones for themselves and their family members. No wonder that muggers and thieves target expensive gadgets.

Find out how to unlock blacklisted iPhone and why it gets blocked in different countries.

blacklisted iphone
A lot of iPhones and other phones are stolen and resold in the black market. The new users of a stolen device might not even know their handset belongs to someone else, so they start using it. In order to protect people from having their iPhone used by third-party people, carriers and developers started to check iPhone IMEI number and then block it [IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier of every iPhone manufactured by the Cupertino-based tech giant which can be found in Settings – General - About].

Stealing and iPhone lost are two main reasons for why iPhone gets blacklisted. There are other terms that identify this. They are barring and blocking. If the iPhone is blacklisted by a carrier, it is impossible to use this handset on this carrier’s network.

Also its IMEI can be listed in the black list if user doesn’t pay for his gadget, if there are insurance claims and not-agreed terms of used. There can be other reasons as well.

Mobile operators in some countries even share one database of registered devices, and if a gadget gets blacklisted in such a country, it will be impossible to use it with any local carrier.

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