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iPhone owners who wish to unlock their gadget should first blacklist check it to be sure it is not reported as lost or stolen. Customers who purchase their iOS smartphones from third-party sellers but not official Apple retailers, need to know that everything is ok with their handset before buying it. This is a great opportunity to check whether the iPhone is barred or blacklisted, especially when this service is available for free.

free blacklist checker

List of FREE iPhone blacklist checking Tools:

In case your iPhone is not locked to Australian carriers or Softbank from Japan or Telenor carrier from Sweden or you don’t even know the carrier to which your iPhone is locked here are a paid services that provide fast and correct results:

Why is it important to know that your handset is not blacklisted? There are a couple of reasons. In case you are about to buy a used or new device from someone on eBay or other platforms, you must be sure you will spend your money on a working iPhone. Blacklisted devices are blocked by being used on a carrier’s network. I am sure you don’t want to pay for a smartphone that becomes simply an iPod and lets you listen to music, play some games / apps but not make phone calls and exchange data.

There is another reason why you should check your iPhone status. Imagine that you have already got a handset or someone presented it to you as a gift. You wish to unlock it because you know that it is locked, but you have no idea whether your smartphone is barred or not. There is no need to spend money on factory unlock to find out later your iPhone IMEI has been blacklisted. Such unlock is useless and no one will give you money back. But still we have some IMEI unlock services available for blacklisted devices.

It’s best to simply run the blacklist checker to know for sure if your gadget is blocked / lost / barred / blacklisted or not. We offer you such service for free. It is available for particular carriers for now, so make sure you check if you are eligible before running the check.

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